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Personal blogs

The personal blog is a continuous commentary written by a single individual.

Collaborative blogs or group blogs

It is a form of weblog in which the blog posts are written and published various authors. The majority of prestigious mutual blogs are based around a single most uniting theme, such as technology or politics. In modern years, the blogosphere has observed the emergence and increasing popularity of more collective efforts, often established by already accomplished bloggers wishing to pool resources and time to both decrease the pressure of maintaining a major website and to charm a larger readership.

Corporate and organizational blogs

A blog can for business purposes or private. Blogs used internally to convalesce the culture and communication in a corporation or externally for public relations; branding or marketing purposes are termed as corporate blogs. Similar blogs for clubs and societies are referred to as club blogs or group blogs; distinctive use is to update the members and other parties interested to the club and member actions.

By genre

Some blogs focus on a specific subject, like political blogs, travel blogs, health blogs, gardening blogs, book blogs, house blogs, fashion blogs, education blogs, project blogs, niche blogs, quizzing blogs, classical music blogs, and legal blogs. Tutorial blogs are becoming growing popular. Two usual types of genre blogs are art blogs and music blogs.

By media type

A blog encompassing videos is called a vlog, one involving links is called a linklog, a site that has a portfolio of sketches is called a sketchblog or one involving photos is called a photoblog. Blogs with mixed media forms and shorter posts are called tumblelogs. Blogs that are written on typewriters and then scanned are called typecast.

By device

In addition, blogs can be described by which form of device is made use of in composing it. A blog written by a mobile device like a mobile phone or PDA could be called a moblog.

Reverse blog

A Reverse Blog is constituted of its users rather than an individual blogger. This system has the features of a blog, and the writing of many authors.

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